Competition Terms & Conditions

ICESA Free 3 Month Computer Course

  • The offer is available to all ICESA Matric School students registered from 14th February 2017.
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other ICESA Matric School promotion/discount.
  • The offer is valid until 10th March 2017.
  • The offer is not redeemable for cash
  • The offer may not be used against existing registrations and is only applicable to new applications.
  • Students/Applicants must meet the minimum entrance requirements to the course.
  • Any applicant under the age of 18 requires the consent of his/her parent/guardian and/or surety/sponsor
  • The offer is not transferable.
  • The offer is valid until the 10th March 2017 and the student is required to be registered and have paid the full deposit and registration fee.
  • If the Full fee is not paid upfront, then a compulsory debit order has to be signed for payment by way of monthly instalments
  • Commencement of classes is dependent on student numbers.
  • Should there be insufficient students registered then:
  • ICESA Matric School reserves the right to postpone and/or cancel the class
  • ICESA Matric School reserves the right to combine the class with another ICESA Class.
  • In addition to these terms and conditions, all the normal terms and conditionsin respect of all student registrations as contained on the website and on the registration form apply which the student is obliged to make himself/herself aware of.
  • The ICESA Matric School Free Computer course will run concurrently with set module classes and be based at ICESA City Campus .ICESA Matric School will not be responsible for any classes missed.
  • Classes will run on Saturdays for 3 months from 8am to 1pm.
  • Classes will commence on the 1st of April 2017.

Tablet Competition

The promotional offer of the Tablet with regard to the registration of the student with ICESA is subject to the following:

  1. The student fully understands and accepts that the Tablet will remain the property of ICESA, and ownership of the Tablet will remain vested with ICESA for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of which the student registers and commences studies with ICESA.
  2. The Tablet promotion is available for all full-time [minimum of 1 (one) year duration] ICESA courses.
  3. The student in registering with ICESA under this promotion, agrees to use all endeavours to ensure that there is no abuse of the equipment and software, and undertakes to ensure that the Tablet and/or the airtime/data bundle is used responsibly, and will not result in any claim being made against the student and/or ICESA.
  4. The student/parent/guarantor hereby indemnifies ICESA against any claims of whatsoever nature arising out of the use of the Tablet, accessories and/or airtime/ data supplied in terms of this promotion.
  5. Ownership of the Tablet shall vest with ICESA, and ownership of the Tablet will only pass to the student upon written confirmation by ICESA to that effect, and in addition only after completion of 1 (one) year of study with ICESA, by the student.
  6. In the event that the student does not complete 1 (one) year of study with ICESA, the student will upon, and including but not limited to the termination and/or the cancellation of the contract and/or expulsion and/or suspension of the student, be liable to return the Tablet to ICESA in good working order/condition. Failure to hand over the Tablet or pay R2500 in such instances will result in a criminal charge of theft, alternatively unauthorised borrowing/use, being instituted as the student is fully aware that he/she does not own such Tablet.
  7. If ICESA is not satisfied with the condition of the Tablet and/or the software is infringed and/or corrupted and/or if the student fails to return the Tablet, including the accessories supplied therewith, then the student/guarantor/parent undertake that they will be liable to pay to ICESA the sum of R2500, being the agreed cost of the Tablet, charger and accessories. Failure to hand over the Tablet or pay R2500 in such instances will result in a criminal charge of theft, alternatively unauthorised borrowing/use, being instituted.
  8. The student undertakes that he/she will not, during the 1 (one) year course contract, alienate, cede, or in any other manner or form, attempt to relinquish or dispose of possession and/or ownership of the Tablet and/or tamper with the software of the Tablet. In addition, the student undertakes to ensure that the Tablet is insured for the duration of 1 (one) year and the interest of ICESA is noted thereon.
  9. Data of 200MB per month will be supplied to the student for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months only. ICESA reserves the right during the period to limit the data usage that will accompany the promotional offer of the Tablet, and may suspend, cancel or withdraw such offer at any time for any reason in its sole discretion.
  10. This promotional offer is valid to a student who registers for any full-time [minimum of 1 (one) year duration] ICESA course, and which is run in conjunction with this offer, and which promotion will only be applicable during the first/second/third year of study by the student of the specified programme. This offer may not be extended or used in any subsequent year of study.
  11. A student is only entitled to 1 (one) Tablet and promotion during the indicated time period of this offer and for the duration of the course registered for.
  12. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, bursary, promotion or the like.
  13. The student undertakes to pay all costs involved on an attorney and client scale if in the event that ICESA has to institute legal action for the recovery of the Tablet and/or charger and/or accessories given to the student under this offer.
  14. The student confirms that he/she will be registered with ICESA for any courses offered in terms of this promotion, for a period of 1 (one) year and pay the fees associated with such course registered for.
  15. The student undertakes to pay a software reloading fee of R100 per reloading if any software is corrupted and needs to be uploaded.
  16. This Tablet offer (subject to the Terms and Conditions above) is only applicable to students who complete and sign a valid enrolment contract for the 2017 year of study, and who pay the stipulated deposit (campus specific) on or before 31 December 2016, and signs a valid compulsory debit order (first instalment due immediately, or on or before 31 January 2017) to pay the balance of their fees via one of the payment plans available.
  17. In order to qualify for the Tablet promotion, second and third year students must register and pay the required deposit and fees as per fee schedule.
  18. The reservation of ownership in and to the Tablet, and all conditions pertaining to such ownership vesting in ICESA, does not apply in the event of the student/ account payer/guarantor/ sponsor paying for the full course fee upfront. All other Terms and Conditions shall apply.
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