February 21, 2018

Why a Career in IT is a Superior Choice

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If you’ve always been a tech wiz and have a passion for the cool computer engineering, you should consider a career in IT, and here’s why.     

Information technology has become the centre of our world in one way or another. What’s more, tech skills are always in demand and you have amazing multiple career opportunities worldwide. If you have an understanding of technicalities in software technology and would like to develop your skills, doing an IT course can sharpen your expertise and transform you into a tech guru. With superior IT skills, you can develop game-changing tech and bring about innovation that the world needs.

There are countless job roles in the IT industry and they are all valuable in business processes. You can use your tech expertise in functions such as computer programming, software developing, app creating, data analyst or IT administrator.

Let’s have a look at the incredible reasons why a career in Information Technology is a worthy choice.

Why choose a Career in Information Technology?

With the tech ability, you can choose from a wide range of computer engineering jobs. These skills that range from basic to high-level allow you to explore job opportunities anywhere in the country and abroad.

You become a tech innovator and work on exciting products, apps and other software projects. You get to develop your problem-solving skills and you use your tech knowledge to provide smart solutions.    

A career in tech engineering has endless perks and it enables you to be prosperous as a specialist. Not only do IT professionals get good salaries, they also enjoy amazing benefits such as bonuses, gym memberships, transportation, medical aids and the list is endless.

As you validate your capability and work as an IT specialist, you are able to negotiate your remuneration to employers and business. This means that there are always opportunities to climb higher in your career.

What does an Information Technology Professional do?  

According to Careers24, these are some of the dominant IT functions that are essential in this field.

Business intelligence and analytics
App developing
Data Management
Cloud computing
Enterprise resource planning
Digital design

What are some of the Job Roles you can pursue with IT skills and a qualification?

With the trends in technology advancing, there are even more job roles being created all the time in this field. Here are some prominent roles that you can pursue with an IT qualification.

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Administrator
  • Computer Support Specialist

How much do you make as an IT specialist? The technology sector has some of the highest earning professionals due to the calibre of skills that they bring. With a qualification in IT, you can work towards earning a high salary in the various divisions of this industry.

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Which companies can you work for?

You can work for various IT companies and big brands in the sector. You can also freelance as a computer specialist, depending on which path works for you. Either way, you are likely to succeed and build a prosperous life through choosing this occupation.  

IT companies in SA are always on the hunt for IT specialists who have the relevant tech ability to uplift their company. It’s highly unlikely that you would battle to find work once you become qualified in this field. Your work experience will allow you to reach your salary goals. 

You can work for big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Multichoice or Afrihost, to name a few. You could also find yourself working with the bigshots in the industry who have a legacy of ground-breaking IT inventions. This association and work experience can lead up to your own professional success.

The predictions are that there will be an increase in IT jobs by 2020, which makes this a worthy career path.  


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