April 04, 2018

The value of our teachers

By Nana Zuke

Everyone who is anything and works anywhere in the world has been placed in the hands of a teacher at some point in their life. They have been taught from not being able to pronounce any word to learning the meaning of words and even learning a different language. People in the education sector are the backbone of everyone who is contributing to the economy, they are such valuable people.

Whether they teach at foundation, intermediate, senior or at tertiary level, these professionals not only impart knowledge but are responsible for the growth and mentorship of future leaders. Even at the college and university level, lecturers do an incredible job preparing students who have just come out of matric by teaching them the skills required to be productive in the working world.

Zethu Nene a Travel and Tourism student at ICESA Durban campus said the value that lecturers have in the lives of students cannot be measured. “When we enrol into higher education and training institutions, we don’t know anything related to the job market or how to even perform the responsibilities needed to function effectively in our fields of choice,” said Zethu.

She added that as students who have just come out of high school, they highly rely on the skills and knowledge of lectures. Adding that because of the skills they possess, they produce quality graduates who make an impact in the labour market.  

The phrase “it takes a village” resonates so well with the role that teachers in different sectors and fields do. These are nurturers who are concerned with the development of students. Training them to be independent and be able to use their talents to enrich themselves and the lives of those around them. At the tertiary level, lectures are dealing with students with a lot of pressure to keep up with the trends and societal pressures.

Lecturers play a significant role when it comes to equipping students with the skills they will need in order to become valid and valuable employees in the workspace. They not only train students on a theoretical level but also on a practical level so that they are able to add value and fresh ideas to whichever field they get into.

Some of the greatest heroes are those whose names are unsung. While we cannot measure how much value educators from different phases have, the results can definitely be measured by the progress, economic growth and influential people we have in our country whose lives they have touched.

We appreciate individuals who take the time to assume parental roles to impact and nurture the lives of young people. Ensuring that they are ready and strong enough to take on new chapters in their lives which is entering the job market. We salute our teachers nationwide.



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