August 07, 2017

The role of women as leaders in the workplace

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“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Women have come a long way in defying the odds and challenging issues of gender inequality that existed in the workplace and business market. Public figures such as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Suze Orman to name a few, have upheld the positive influence in leadership positions. As role models, these women have played a significant role in influencing their own spaces.

These female leaders have paved the way for other women to assume leadership roles. Some of these women have created their own stories by standing for what they believe in and making major breakthroughs in different fields. Women in positions of power have challenged the status quo and that has given more opportunities to women who have been previously disregarded.  

The growth of women in the workplace over the years has strengthened and the world is seeing women taking on more prominent roles in the workplace. Women have proven their ability to drive successful projects that are a success and inspire growth in companies.

Let us explore the characteristics that have given rise to the presence of more women in the workplace.

Women possess professionalism and leadership qualities 

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As women, we have the professionalism and leadership qualities that build up impressive results in a company. This presence of women in the workplace often complements the company’s values and enforces company standards.  

These leadership abilities have created room more women to excel in the workplace. Women have the ability to be effective leaders who manage business goals proficiently and produce results.  

Women bring in strong work ethic and motivate the team 

As women, we are the ones who carry out company standards and goals and make sure colleagues follow the same values. We tend to find innovative ways of implementing values and inspiring the team, for example, having motivational quotes around the office, fun activities or other methods that ensure the values are well received.

We have the personality to nurture others which is beneficial for the team. This can help team members become a part of the company’s vision and stimulate them to improve their production level.

Women determine team growth and business advancement 

A woman can easily identify the strength in others and areas where others may need help due to their nurturing character. This is helpful for the team in order to create a structure and balance to sustain all areas of the business. Women can build on this to be a support structure that encourages the team to deliver to the best of their ability.

As women, we intuitively know what a company may need to go to the next level and how this can happen. It is essential for companies to realise how woman leaders win and how they help others to do the same.

Women have good organisation skills 

Women are known to be good at managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously. We can confidently take on leadership roles and manage it effectively causing growth. We have the skill to manage our own productivity as well as oversee others and help them become better.  

Women have the desire and competitiveness to create a conducive work environment where they can implement strategies for producing quality results. As managers, they are able to recognise the areas that need focus and how they will improve the strategy with time.

Women possess attention to detail 

Women are known to be thorough and have great attention to detail which is a crucial quality for an organisation. A woman can analyse the business’s plans and be able to bring up risk factors involved in certain business moves.

We have the capability to handle a crisis when it arises and deal with it effectively. This helps in preventing crises from occurring or creating damage. Having a critical eye can truly protect the business.

This is reason enough for women to be consulted when the business is about to make important decisions. Similarly, women can identify opportunities available, for growth, expansion and for the best business investment.

They can advance company growth 

As women, we are passionate about the projects we are involved in especially when our input is valued by the company. We carry a positive spirit and can do attitude, passion for a new challenge and a drive for the work that we lead.

We are enthusiastic about seeing our projects grow and becoming fruitful. For company growth, the business needs to recognise how to recruit female executives to fulfil company objectives.

Be an empowered woman and build your career today 

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