April 23, 2018

#InstaFoodie: The Best Instagram Chefs to Follow

Image source: Instagram 

Instagram foodies are enjoying the gram even more with tantalizing food circulating on this app.

These Insta chefs are gaining massive popularity online with their mouth-watering posts. From vegan, vegetarian, nutritious and ethnic recipes, these scrumptious dishes are getting yum-yum reactions.    

Visuals and videos have an incredibly high reach on social media. Most Instagram chefs use these features to make their posts more appealing to followers. Instagram stories is a great way for Insta chefs to share videos and visuals that take followers through each step of cooking. Another great way for Insta chefs to showcase their best work is to pin some of their beautifully presented meals on their Highlights reel. Going live on Instagram is also a way to engage with your followers and show the moments in food preparation for different occasions.  

As someone who is passionate about food, you may also like sharing your meal preps and food with followers on Instagram. This may start as an amateur interest but you can become a recognised Insta chef as your food content advances. As you cultivate your culinary skills, you can turn your gastronomic passion into a profession that pays.

Followers of your food page can end up consulting your services and requesting your services for events.                       

Taking your Culinary skills to the next Level 

A culinary course such as a Food and Preparation programme, it gives you foundational knowledge and skill to become a food expert. With food knowledge and expertise, you can invent awe-inspiring and authentic food.

ICESA College offers you a chance to elevate your cooking skills through its Food and Preparation certificate. This programme allows you to learn unique cooking techniques that will help you begin your cooking career. This training is essential if you’re an aspirant chef looking to offer your services. It is also suitable for someone who wants to work and grow in the cuisine industry.     

Here are some of the Rewards of choosing a career in cuisine:

You have flexibility in your career
You learn versatile career skills
Health and Retirement Benefits
Travel perks
Stimulated social interaction and opportunities for career growth.

Career paths you can pursue when you have completed this qualification: 

  • Chef
  • Food Journalist
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Baker or pastry artist
  • Hospitality management
  • Bed and breakfast owner   
  • Food entrepreneur
  • Food blogger
  • Food stylist
  • Nutritionist

Discover the Top 7 Food Instagram pages you have to follow.


1.For Meat Lovers- Bbq and Bottles 




A post shared by BBQ and Bottles (@bbqandbottles) on


2.Scrumptious Food- Cooking with Luyanda 



3. Vegetarian food- Vanilla and Bean 



4. Best Baked Goods- The Kate Tin 



A post shared by Kate (@thekatetin) on


5. Vegan Recipes- Klaras life  



6. Healthy Food- Healthy Fitness Meals  




7. Nutritious food- Nutrition Stripped



8. Food lover- Pinch of Yum 



A post shared by Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on


9. Gourmet Food- Chef Scott 


A post shared by Chef Scott (@chefscott_) on


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