August 01, 2017

ICESA Alumnus an Ambitious Journalist

By Nana Zuke

The role of journalists in the modern world is becoming more and more crucial. There are so many social economic issues that society has to deal with in the age of technology and constant transformation. Ayanda Gcinokwakhe Ngobese is one young journalist that is ready to be the voice of the people and to stand firm for what is right without compromising the values he believes in. 

The ICESA alumnus admits that growing up in the northern parts of KwaZulu Natal in a rural area called Nquthu, he thought life was simple. He was sure that for survival a person only needs a roof over their head and food in their stomach but he realises how naïve he was.

Studying journalism with ICESA has opened his eyes to different issues that the society is currently faced with. The most pressing issue for him is the economy. Not only for South Africa but globally. “As a journalist, I would say that this is an interesting time to be alive, but the most important issue in the world right now is the economy,” said Ayanda.

According to Ayanda, every day he works towards making sure he contributes to the growth of the economy through his profession. This is an issue that is powerful enough to bring the world to a halt. The career path he is currently in now allows him to explore some of the concerning issues. Working at Vibe FM has not only made his dreams come true but has allowed him to meet people from different walks of life.“I never dreamed I would meet journalists from other countries within two years of working in the industry,” said Ayanda.

He added that what’s most important in the media industry is to know what you want in life. When you have a solid foundation, it is not easy to be distracted from the main function as a journalist, which is to be the voice of the people. Today he is motivated by Ukhozi FM News Reader Samke Mtshali who studied with ICESA. Professionally, Ayanda’s proudest accomplishment has been attaining the skills and the knowledge of interviewing different people. The qualification with ICESA assisted him to have a strong eye and ear for news.

In the future, he hopes to be his own boss by opening his own company and pushing the boundaries in the industry.

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