January 10, 2018

7 Amazing Benefits of Working in the Travel Industry

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Do you just enjoy travelling the world and meeting new people? Are you into exploring new scenes and enjoying terrific views.

If you always have your suitcase and passport ready for new escapades, you might want to consider travel for a living. By being in the travel industry, you can enjoy the lifestyle and make money while doing so.  

Travel is not just for leisurely fulfilment. If you have a passion for the travel industry, you can get paid to do what you love. With travel, career breaks such as becoming a travelpreneur, a travel blogger or a travel professional, is possible.  This is a field you can soar in. There are many jobs for people who love to travel.

The travel industry is growing rapidly and this sector is valued in every part of the world. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. If you are already a lover of travel, here are some reasons why you should consider going for this career path.          

1.      You get to Travel the World 

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Travelling from different cities and countries of the world can be quite a thrill. This job will expose you to the world’s best cities and you will find yourself waking up to blissful new surroundings.  

When you work in the travel industry, you get to visit new places and create memories. The suitcase life and being at the airport, trying to get coffee before catching flights can become a regular routine.

You can choose multiple job roles from when you get into this industry. You could become a travel photographer, travel agent, ski instructor, a travel writer or even an events manager.    

2.     You get to Experience Different types of Cuisine 

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A major part of working in the travel industry is about trying new adventures and the food is a major part of that experience. As a travel journalist or travel fitness instructor, just imagine all the delicious foods from different cultures that you would be able to try.  

The culinary experience of any trip is often one of the most memorable aspects of the place you visit. There are thousands of food culture experiences to enjoy in this field.                     

3.      You Get to learn more about other Cultures 

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The travel experience is ultimately about learning about the diverse cultures of the world. Each place you visit has its own cultural values and practices that can be fascinating. It is intriguing to learn how people in different parts of the world do things, how they communicate and what they value.

Travelling is where you get to learn about the world’s best destinations. Through your interaction as a travel professional, you get to discover the unique cultures of the world. The experience that you gain enriches your life and your interactions with others.  

4.      You get to Engage with a Community of Travel lovers

As a professional in the travel sector, you have access to all types of digital media which allows you to connect with other travel enthusiasts. You can give your social media followers a taste of your experience by taking them on your trip with you.

Being connected to similar-minded audiences enables you to learn and gain other opportunities in the travel sector. You can gain knowledge from other experts in the field and learn more about other goals that may not have even thought to achieve.  

As a travel blogger, you can write about your journey and the extraordinary places and moments that you have encountered.

5.      You get to Let Loose and have Fun! 

Of course, travel is fun! There are endless adventures you can delight in and sites that you can visit. From breathtaking views, awe-inspiring sites and out of this world places; travel gives you the whole package.

Working in the travel industry probably means that you always have to be mindful of time and schedules. But in all honesty, when there are also many opportunities to let your hair down and have some fun, you will get a chance to attend parties, launches, sight-see and so much more.

Chances are that you will also get an opportunity to visit historically rich sites where you can get to learn more about valuable monuments and antiques that many would love to touch and feel. You will also find out more about its significance and symbolism.  

6.      The joy of Meeting People makes it Worthwhile 

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Meeting people is what makes the travel industry loveable. It’s in the smiles and welcomes you get and the warmth that you receive. As any travelling professional would tell you, opening up to people’s cultures and way of life is a wonderful experience.

Most people are passionate about sharing their rich culture and telling you about what makes them a unique people.

This eye-opening experience can touch your soul and allow you to connect with complete strangers. It also makes you grateful for what you have and teaches you the value of culture. This kind of humanity teaches you how to interact with people from all walks of life. 

 7.   You acquire Skills that allow you to access more Opportunities   

As a travel professional, you acquire skills such as being able to engage with people, being able to share information, guiding, skills and assisting visitors and so on. These skills will give you the ability to pursue high-level jobs in the industry and grow in your career. Studying a Travel and Tourism course can enlighten you about the diverse paths that you can be successful in.

Receiving education for this career will give you the expertise that you need. It will also help you realise which career path would best suit you.      



About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

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