January 02, 2018

6 Celebrity Quotes that will change your mind about Success

Success. So you’ve heard about it and it seems like this glorified title.

Is it achievable and do all successful people have a secret formula that they don’t want to tell us about? I mean we all work hard, put in the hours, pray and have dreams but what is the defining factor that sets successful people apart from the crowd?

Celebrities are public personalities and most of them have achieved great success. They are not just famous figures, but people who have worked hard to accomplish their goals and be successful. We see the end product but every celebrity has a tale to tell about what led them to success. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from these influential figures and their journeys. When you learn more about the origins of their success, you will find that these famous people can inspire you to never give up.

Did you know that a huge amount of your success starts in your mind and how you then manifest these thoughts into action? It is vital to realise that- Success is not luck, but ambition that inspires action and leads to incredible results. Each goal that you achieve will lead you to the next milestone and this ultimately makes you successful. 

Let’s prove this. Here are some powerful celebrity quotes that will change your mind about how you view success.  

1.      Oprah Winfrey 

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”- Oprah

This sentiment clearly shows that when you dare to go after your dreams you can achieve success.

Too often in life, we feel fearful when it comes to taking action toward our dreams. We choose to cling to familiarity instead of taking deliberate steps that will get us to where we want to be.

Examine your own life: What can you do today that will allow you to live the life of your dreams? 

  • You can save towards studying the course that will give you a career break    
  • You can surround yourself with people that inspire you
  • You can follow your passion and start your own business 

Oprah’s life and quote shows us that living the life of your dreams means following your passion and doing what you were born to do. Go for your dreams!

2.      Barack Obama 

“We did not come to fear the future, we came to shape it.”- Barack Obama

This quote reveals that we are responsible for the change we would like to see. As Mahatma Gandhi once said 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world’, which shows that we are indeed game-changers that can make a dynamic impact in the world.

As humans, we can have many fears such as fear of failure, fear of inadequacy or fear of the unknown. These fears prevent us from going after our dreams and taking the action we need to succeed.

We can shape our future and lives by implementing these positive changes:      

  • Taking action
  • Aligning with strong people who share our goals
  • Communicating
  • Trying new things and experiences that will help us grow.

Obama’s quote makes it clear that you can be the architect of your own future.

3.      Taylor Swift

"Life isn't how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain."- Taylor Swift

This is a quote that Taylor Swift lives by and it reveals how celebrities go through rough times just like all of us. Her quote implies that it's not what you are faced with but how you view it and what you do about it.

Many times while trying to make it, you can encounter difficult and bumpy roads. However, challenges can be overcome when you change your perception of it and choose to be optimistic.

Here are some ways that we can overcome rough times:

  • Stay encouraged and always look forward
  • Learn from your mistakes and remain positive
  • Rise beyond setbacks and don’t allow it to discourage you  

Taylor Swift’s quote motivates one to realise that you can be positive and focus on finding the solution in every situation.

4.      Michael Jordan

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan

This is proof that celebrities don’t just have it easy but they also experience failure just like everyone else. Their defining quality though is that they are consistent in their actions and persistent towards their goals and this is the driving force for their success.  

It is vital to take the lesson that failure provides such as being focused on having a strong game-plan which enables you to track your progress.

Here are some ways to have a better strategy for success: 

  • Finding better ways to fulfill your goals
  • Finding the inspiration that keeps you going to keep up the momentum
  • Focusing on the bigger picture which is ultimately becoming successful

This quote proves that failing many times does not disqualify you from succeeding.

5.      Bonang Matheba 

“Sometimes I feel like it's not JUST 'good luck'... Maybe it's God meeting your personal preparations halfway.”- Bonang Matheba 

This quote reveals that preparing yourself for an opportunity is what brings success. When you work hard and you are ready for a break the time will come for you to break through.

Here are some ways that you can prepare yourself for success:

  • Study the industry you want to get into, know the people and the trends
  • Take any opportunity that will help you with experience in the field you want to get into
  • Learn from the industry leaders and make connections in the industry

This quote reveals that putting in the work and having faith is instrumental in helping you achieve tremendous success.

6.      Beyonce Knowles

“My focus is my art, and that’s what I love to do. I have to be really passionate in order to do something. I’ve turned down many things that I just didn’t believe in.” – Beyoncé Knowles

Doing what you love is important and this quote shows us that this is what has fuelled Beyonce’s success. Being passionate and believing in yourself and what you do is important. It is also important to listen to your gut instinct and know what your boundaries are. This is what sustains your success.

Here are some ways you can stay focused on your journey:

  • Remember why you started
  • Thrive on the fulfillment it brings you
  • Believe in what you do

This quote by Beyoncé shows that focusing on what you love is priceless and brings contentment.

When you introduce a winning mindset like these celebrities do it becomes easier to advance your growth. Registering for a course is the first step to realising your potential, which will allow you to soar in your career. Furthering your educational knowledge and investing in self-improvement empowers you to fulfill your dreams. 


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

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