May 12, 2017

12 Ways that Travel can improve the Quality of your life

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We’ve all thought about it at some point. Each of us has our secret wish lists of places that we need to see in this lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to be swept away to an exotic destination, backpacking, sampling the local cuisine and living off the land? Personally, I love to travel, but did you know that there is much more to the process of travel than meets the eye?

Reasons to Travel

1. It improves your Communication Skills 

You might find yourself in the heart of Mykonos, soaking up the waves in the midst of the Aegean Sea. While you are there, you might find it difficult to talk to the locals. It is easy to feel challenged by a language barrier, but you could also be inspired by it. When you are not able to communicate effectively, you will become resourceful by reading body language, the tone of voice and people’s eyes.

2. It Opens up your World View 

Chances are that you’ve read about the olive groves of Sicily and the pyramids of Egypt. But until you actually get there, you realise that you had little knowledge of the true magnificence of the destination. Once there you also begin to relate to the matters that affect people.

3. Enhanced Survival Skills 

When you are alone in a foreign country, you may be having fun, but let’s face it, you also need to have your wits about you. In a place where you are not as proficient with the language you will find that you use the senses that you took for granted to get by. Even without a travel guide, you will surprise yourself with your own innate sense of direction as you gravitate toward landmarks and essential services such as post offices, cafes and other similar spaces.

4. Enriched Experience of Culture 

The way in which you experience the world is your own unique viewpoint. As you travel out you become exposed to new ways of thinking and being. You see things, meet people and experience the world in ways that you’ve never seen before. This enhances your own personal sense of culture and the frame of reference that you have in your own world.

5. Greater Joy 

When you travel, you look at the wonderful ways in which people around the world do things. The little worries and cares that you had back at home tend to evaporate. Whether during or after travel, you will find a difference in how you approach life and interface with the world.

6. Breaks routine 

It is easy to get caught up in the mundane moments of everyday living. The endless cycle of going to and from work, buying groceries and doing chores can leave you feeling worn out and wondering if there isn’t more to life. Just being out there in a new city or place can have you feeling reinvigorated and completely refreshed.

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7. Helps you to Live in the Moment  

In a world that always dwells on past failures and stresses about what is to come, there is nothing like the joy and experiences of travel that will help you to live in the moment. When we travel we are hit with moments that grab our senses. Everything from the food we eat, the people we meet and the unique ways in which we see the world, will help us to live in the moment.

8. Improves your sense of wonder 

As we get off the hamster wheel and commit to travelling, our sense of joy and child-like wonder opens up. It helps to break the routine and truly see things for the first time. Believe it or not there was a time when we experienced something new and actually said ‘wow’. There was also a time when our hearts beat faster in anticipation and we felt the adrenaline rush of being emotionally invested in something. Travel and being a tourist helps to bring that back to life.

9. You get new information 

Did you know that the Louvre Museum has a glass pyramid that has become a recognisable landmark? Or for that matter that Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has been running since 1461? Well chances are that if you travel there you would stumble across some new information. Arguably, you could find that out on the internet. But when you actually see it, breathe it and taste the experience for yourself that is when it sticks.

10. You build emotional intelligence 

As you travel you build up a sense of relatability. You look for the positives, and you don’t hesitate to ask people questions. Your social skills are built and along with that, feelings of self-awareness/reflection and wanting to achieve goals. You self-reliance also improves as you will have to rely on your own body clock and resourcefulness in solving problems.

11. Your perspective changes 

Travel allows you to look at life in a different way. In my own experience, when I travelled, I was always surprised at the different ways in which people did ordinary things across the world. From the types of breakfasts eaten to different working hours and educational systems. When I returned to my own life, I was amazed at the perspective and relatability that I brought back with me.

12. Improves your Employability 

Whether you’ve travelled for vacation purposes of leisure or work, one thing remains, it is something that looks good on your CV or resume. The reason for this, is that travel showcases your resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability. The fact that you are able to be culturally aware, manage your time and possibly even learn another language shows that you have leadership qualities. If you feel passionate about the prospect of exploring the world and experiencing different tastes, sights and cultures, you could enrol in a travel and tourism course. The world needs more people who are committed to living authentically and bringing their energy to a job that they love.

What further inspiration do you need to explore the world?

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